Our Tools

So you've arrived here because you want to know a little more about our tools and what they entail. When I say 'our tools', this refers to the tools that I provide here at www.hack.tools, which are readily available for download. These tools do not belong to me nor this website. Full credit goes to the original creators and authors- with them, this site would not be In existence.


Over many years In the hacking scene, I've met a lot of elite coders and programmers and as such, I have collected all types of hack tools and have been storing them on my external HDD for usage as needed. My nature In the cyber world Is to give without any expectations, and those who know me, can vouch that I've never expected anything In return. On this principle, that's where this website comes Into effect. The aim Is to provide you with every tool I have In my possession- all without limit. There's no ads, popups, surveys, link redirection, absolutely nothing of the sort. I've always been opposed to such 'annoyances' and truly dislike them entirely. This website Is on the basis of 'what you see Is what you get'. 

Nature Of The Files:

Due to the nature of the files, a lot (and I mean 'a lot') of antivirus software will alert Indicating that (for example) a virus has been detected. This Is what's known as a 'false positive' detection, meaning a false alarm. Antivirus and Anti-Malware software don't like the fact that hack tools can be (doesn't mean they 'will be') used with malicious Intent, hence although most are not harmful In causing damage to a given PC In It's standalone executable form, they're flagged as a virus because of what they're capable of doing. So before you run wild thinking that your PC Is Infected, please take this under advisement. That said, because I'm not responsible In coding the files, I cannot speak for each and every one of them.

File Execution & Testing:

Given the volume of files contributed here at www.hack.tools, there's no chance that I can test each and every one of them for malware. Whilst I do my utmost best to ensure that all files are clean, as with everything In the hacking sector, there's no guarantees. Those who're In the scene, will certainly know what I'm talking about. In order to confirm the functionality of files, prior to my contributions on this site, I execute each one on my 'Windows 8' PC to check for viruses and make sure they're running as Intended. Again, due to their nature, this Is by no means a guarantee on their Inner workings.

If you're skeptical and do not wish to run any files on your main PC, I recommend using a VM (Virtual Machine), thereby any file that's executed In a VM, will remain In that Isolated environment away from the Host (main physical) machine. Here's a couple of Virtual Machines available as a freeware download:
VirtualBox: Click to download.
Virtual PC 2007: Click to download

If you find that a file fails to open, try running It with admin privileges by right-clicking It and selecting the option via the context menu. Some files may display an error message such as "Component MSCOMCTL.OCX or one of Its dependencies not correctly registered: a file Is missing or Invalid". For more on this, please refer to my tutorial found here.


I hope I've covered most of what's needed to be known about the nature of this website, and all the tools It entails. By no means can I attend to each and every question that needs answering. As such, If you have any questions or concerns, please use the contact form here. 
Remember, there's only one of me and thousands of you, so If I don't get back to you as expected, I will certainly endeavor to do my very best In due course.