OCX Tutorial

Almost every tool provided on this website, Is a standalone tool meaning there's no need to Install It, hence no changes are made to your PC once It's executed. As such, errors pertaining to OCX files may be experienced when trying to run a standalone tool. I have no doubt that one of the main reasons you've navigated to this page, Is because you've experienced the good old "Component comdlg32.ocx or one of Its dependencies not correctly registered: a file Is missing or Invalid" (or some variant) error message when trying to run a given tool. The error message will look something similar to the Image below.

So what Is an OCX file? Why do these error messages occur? What can be done to fix It? I will answer all these questions In this tutorial. I won't bore you to tears, this Is brief and straight to the point, yet effectively addressing each topic accordingly.

What Is An OCX File?:

An OCX file Is generally referenced as an "ActiveX Control", which Is basically an "add-on" that's used (In this case) to run a tool. I'm sure you've come across the term "add-on" many times, but for those who haven't or are not aware of It's overall functionality, here's a simplified example pertaining to your web browser. Let's say you wish to view an online video via Firefox. The web browser will then use the add-on (such as Flash Player) to play the video, Without the required add-on, the online video cannot be played or viewed. The analogy Is the same with software applications and tools. Without the right add-on, they cannot function.

Why Do OCX Error Messages Occur?:

There are many reasons, but I'll speak for errors that relate to the tools on this website. As you know by now, an OCX file (where applicable) Is required for the proper functioning of a tool. In other words, a tool Is "dependent" on the OCX file to run. In such cases, If the file Is not available during the execution of the tool, an error message similar to the above Image will be displayed and the tool will NOT run. That's when the suitable OCX file must be present for the tool to execute.

What Can Be Done To Fix OCX Error Messages?:

First and foremost, you must have the exact OCX file on hand. Don't worry, I have provided all common OCX files for download In the links below. There's a couple of methods to fix these errors- both of which require the OCX file to be "registered" on your PC, meaning It needs to be Installed. There's a couple of ways to do this, with the first being via the "Command prompt". A tutorial on how to do this Is found here.

Whilst registering from the Command prompt Is effective most times, It has also failed me on quite a number of occasions. The easiest methodology I've found, Is to use a tool appropriately named "Registrator". I have also provided this In the download links below. This tool registers OCX files with Incredible ease. In fact, provided you have the OCX file(s) In the SAME FOLDER as the Registrator tool, a simple click of the mouse does the job.

Here's my very own example. The error In the above Image, was when I tried running a few tools on my Windows 8 PC. To fix It, I placed all OCX files (It won't hurt to register them all) In the SAME FOLDER as the Registrator tool. I then simply hit the "Register" button and all files were registered and Installed on my PC literally within a few seconds. You can see all this In the Image below.

Just remember, It's very Important to have the OCX file(s) In the SAME FOLDER as the Registrator tool. If you don't, the registration process may fail. Also, If you get any errors with the tool Itself, run It with admin privileges by right-clicking the tool and selecting "Run as administrator". So you should now be well-Informed and equipped with the tools and know-how on how to deal with and fix OCX errors.

Here's the download links for the Registrator tool and a few common OCX files:

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