As our domain name suggests, we at hack.tools are dedicated In providing you with a broad range of hack tools suited to almost all facets and requirements of your hacking needs. Our domain name was purchased some 10 months prior to this site being established, with one of the main reasons for the delay being the time factor. Due to being Inundated with computational and hacking tasks & requests (which still remains that way and always will), we were unable to commit the time and resources to get this website up and running any sooner. But finally, here we are.

You will read a lot about this website In It's plural form of 'we', 'us' or 'our'. This Is documented for the purpose of simplicity and an easy reference point. To the contrary of It's plurality, this Is a one-person show. Yes, I am the only person running this website. There's no middle man, no assistance and no outside Intervention to lend a helping hand. 

Apart from all tools contributed on this site, everything you see and read Is the sole work of myself. This Is what makes this website somewhat different from the rest. I am the only one who runs the show here. I am the only person who takes requests, reviews them, and the decision then rests with myself alone to fulfill the needs of the given requests. Those who know me from various online hack forums, certainly know of my unconditional assistance to meet the needs of not only the members I know well, but also anyone new whom I've never actually met In the cyber world.

Many will know and remember me for my love In the computational and hacking sector, and the array of Information I contribute In a most positive fashion. Whilst there's been a few ups and downs (sorry, I can't please everyone), I'm sure most who read this, will appreciate the broad range of content I've provided and continue to do so.

My commitment here at hack.tools, Is to provide you with a central gateway to access as many hack tools as I can accommodate. There are a lot of old tools and quite a few new tools as well. The point Is, It's not all about getting the latest and the greatest. I've lost count as to the number of times newly-released tools simply failed to serve their objective, hence this website tries to provide anything and everything relative to hack tools. 

There Is no chance that I can test each and every tool- there's just too many and I simply don't have the time to do so. For more Information on what to expect from all hack tools, please refer to this section here. For your convenience, every contribution has been Itemized under the "Hack Tools Category" section on the right-hand navigation menu of this site. 

I trust your experience here at www.hack.tools will serve your needs as expected.