YouTube Bot Hack Tools Pack

Generally speaking, a bot (short for 'robot') Is a tool that performs automated tasks that can be similar to that of a human. The type of tasks performed, does depending on the nature of the tool Itself, meaning the purpose It serves as per It's coded design. Pertaining to a YouTube bot, examples of tasks can Include Increasing the number of video views, mass downloader to download videos with a single click of the mouse, user scrapers to grab users from various locations, mass friend adder which Increases the number of friends and subscribers, and the list goes on. This pack only contains YouTube bots and not any other tools related to other bot functionalities.

This YouTube bot hack tools pack Includes the following tools:

Tubenoia Bot
YouTube View Booster 1.2
YouTube View Bot 1.2
YouTube Account Maker
YouTube View Increaser 3.0
YouTube Viewer 3.0 recommended usage: To test the overall functionality of YouTube and learn It's Inner
workings where you have the legal right to do so.

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