Website Hack Tools Pack

Going by the title of these hack tools, It's quite clear what they entail. They're relative to website or online tasks, and each tool serves It's own purpose as per It's objective. I had one tool left over, thus (as per the above Image), I've thrown It In as an added bonus. This Website hack tools pack contains tools such as Admin page login finder, LFI scanner, ping tools, YouTube crackers and hacks and a few nukers. In hacker parlance, a 'Nuker' Is simply an old method to perform a DoS (Denial of Service) attack, whereby the target computer or network Is flooded with corrupted and Invalid data until It brings It to a halt. So judging by the terminology of the Nuker tools, they are old but may come to good use to those wishing to explore their functionality.

This Website hack tools pack contains the following tools:

Login Finder
DW And Admin Login Finder 1.1
DW LFI Scanner 1.0
DW Quick System Grabber 1.1
Evil Ping 0.3
F-ed Up 2.0
Mass Site Visitor
Nuke 2.3
Nuke-Em 1.1
XALP Admin page Finder
YouTube Cracker By Satax
YouTube View Hack recommended usage: To test the security of a computer system, network or any given
entity and/or to obtain Information that you have the legal right to do so.

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