Virus Maker Hack Tools Pack

Simply stated, Virus maker tools allow you to customize and craft your very own virus Into a single executable file. The nature of the virus, does depend and rely on the options that are available via the given virus maker tool Itself. For example, once the virus file Is built and complete and executed by the user, It can perform all sorts of tasks such as disable the Windows Command prompt and the same with the Windows Task Manager, shutdown the system, Infect all executable files, Inject Into the Windows Registry and startup with Windows, and even perform acts of non-malicious activity such as funny mouse and keyboard actions. These tools are great If you wish to test the security of your very own antivirus software.

This Virus maker hack tools pack Includes the following tools:

Delme's Batch Virus Generator
Dr. VBS Virus Maker
P0ke's Worm Generator 2.0
Vbswg Worm Builder
Viris O Matic Virus Maker recommended usage: To test the security of your very own PC or network's antivirus
software that you have the legal right to do so.

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