Source Code Hack Tools Pack

The nature of this hack tools pack, Is different to many others that you come across on this website. That's because It only contains 'source codes' and nothing more- all of which are related to Booters. If you're not familiar with what source codes are, then you probably shouldn't be dealing with this sort of content. Nonetheless, here's a very simple explanation. Unlike (for example) an executable program, whereby you execute It and It performs It's functionality thereafter, source codes are the 'source' of the executable program that tells It how to function. This Source code hack tools pack does not deal with executables. It relates to PHP files that are designed to upload to a webhost and run directly off the webserver. Those who deal with PHP will certainly find these of benefit.

This Source code hack tools pack Includes the following tools:

Ancient Booter
Atomic Booter
Atomic Booter Edited
Byte Booter
DoS Net Booter
JeeJeePower v1 Booter
JeeJeePower v2 Booter
Knofilct Booter
KyleFYI v2 Booter
KyleFYI v3 Booter
Legion Booter recommended usage: To see how the functionality of booters operate, edit scripts
and/or put them to the test that you have the legal right to do so.

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