Source Code Hack Tools Pack 2.0

As with the first contribution of the same kind being the "Source Code Hack Tools Pack", I've come across another bunch of source codes, thereby this Is the second release appropriately named as such. This also contains only the source codes of "Booters", all different to the first release. In very simple terms and generally speaking, source codes are a set of Instructions that tells a program how to function. To make the Instructions easier to comprehend, some programmers comment the source codes so anyone who views It, can have a better understanding of what It relates to and the type of functionality It's designed to perform. This Source Code hack tools pack 2.0 Is great If you wish to know more about how booters function.

This Source code hack tools pack 2.0 contains the following tools:

IJepsi Booter
Orgylicious Booter
Phanatac Booter
Prodigy's Booter
Quick Booter
Rage Booter
SB Booter
ShellSRC Booter
Team 313 Booter
Tyler 777 Booter
Wick'd Booter
Wormf00d Booter recommended usage: To see how the functionality of booters operate, edit scripts and/or
put them to the test that you have the legal right to do so.

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