Bombers Hack Tools Pack v1.0

As one of the first versions of the bombers hack tools pack, this mainly consists of SMS bombers than anything else. As with the title of this hack tools pack, the tools allow you to 'bomb' (send multiple and depending on the tool, Infinite) SMS messages to a phone number. Depending on the nature of the tool, you may need to connect to a given service to allow the messages to transmit. Simply enter the destination phone number(s), your message of choice and the number of times you wish to send the message. Some tools work better than others, so It's good practice to test a few out prior to deciding on the final tool to use. It's great If you wish to play a prank on a friend, or simply annoy that marketing representative who keeps annoying you!

This Bombers Hack Tools Pack Includes the following:

NSD Bomber
Apolyse SMS Nuker
Beaver SMS Bomber
Bio Bomber
Gmail SMS Nuker
Nuisance Pack
SMS Bomber International recommended usage: To send messages In good faith to family and friends that you have
the legal right to do so.

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