RAT Hack Tools Pack 2.0

Even though this Is labelled as v 2.0, this RAT hack tools pack Is In fact the third Installment of It's kind pertaining to RATs. In this release, there's 8 tools In total with each one somewhat different In how It performs and the availability of options & features It may entail. If you haven't yet come across the other RATs on this website and you're unfamiliar with what a RAT Is, In simple terms, It's basically used to monitor the device on which the tool Is Installed on. The type of monitoring can range anything from webcam capturing, recording keystrokes, performing certain tasks such as deleting files & folders, booting up and shutting down the device and the list goes on. And all this Is performed 'remotely', hence the name 'RAT' (Remote Administration Tool).

This RAT hack tools pack 2.0 contains the following tools:

Apocalypse RAT 1.4.3
Tint RAT 0.2
Xtreme RAT 2.7
Xtreme RST 2.5
njRAT 0.3.6Spy-iNET
Syy-iNET RAT 3.0
Tiny RAT

Hack.tools recommended usage: To fool around with family or friends or monitor the activity of an
untrustworthy partner or underage child that you have the legal right to do so.

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