RAT Hack Tools Pack 1.0

Further to the previous contribution related to 'DarkComet' alone that entailed different versions of the RAT, this RAT hack tools pack consists of a handful of tools, all different to each other. Whilst they may be old In terms of their version, by no means Is this an Indication that they're not functional and don't serve their purpose. There's been countless times whereby 'newer' Is not always better, therefore an older version of a given tool will outperform It's successor both In functionality and with It's reliability as a whole. This Is labelled as version 1.0, which Is an Indication that there's many more RAT tools to follow- all bundled Into a single pack download, and all versions marked In accordance to their version release number.

This RAT tools hack pack Includes the following tools:

CyberGate 1.8 (Cracked)
Golden Phoenix 0.1
Loki RAT (Cracked)
Poison Ivy 2.3

Hack.tools recommended usage: To fool around with family or friends or monitor the activity of an
untrustworthy partner or underage child that you have the legal right to do so.

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