Keylogger Hack Tools Pack 2.0

This Is the second Keylogger hack tools pack containing keyloggers that have been privately coded by various authors. They are not FUD (Fully Undetectable), but those wishing to make them as such, can simply create and add their own stub or use their own FUD Crypter. If you haven't come across our first keylogger hack tools pack or don't know what a keylogger Is, It's basically a tool used to record every keystroke entered on the device of which the keylogger Is Installed. Once the keystrokes have been recorded, they're usually saved In a text file and depending on the settings of the keylogger Itself, the log file can be sent via email or FTP. These tools are beneficial If you wish to monitor the activities of your underage child or (for example) a suspected cheating partner.

This Keylogger Hack Tools pack 2.0 Includes the following tools:

General keylogger 1.0
Hidden Eyes 0.1
KBW Logger
Rapid Keylogger 1.1
Soul Logger 1.0
TYP FTP Keylogger 1.0
IStealer Keylogger 3.0
GF**ker Keylogger 1.0
Synposis Keylogger 1.0
SKL Keylogger 1.0
Bifrost Keylogger 1.2.1 recommended usage: To monitor activity of untrustworthy partners or underage children
that you have the legal right to do so.

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