Downloader Hack Tools Pack

Although not so much of a commonality nowadays, downloaders are tools that are coded to do as It's name suggests- download a given file from a website Into a directory on the user's PC. Depending on the tool Itself, there are a number of options available. For example, you can specify the downloaded file to execute as a completely different file name, thereby If It Is viewed In Windows Task Manager, It'll seem like a legit process. Or create a Registry entry In the start up hive so the file boots with Windows each and every time, change the file's Icon and more. Again, these options depend on the nature of the downloader tool. There's 9 different tools available In this pack, all of which have been privately coded.

This Downloader hack tools pack contains the following tools:

Dynamic Downloader
EX Downloader
Ithasa Downloader
Metbuilder Downloader
Morphing Downloader
Null Downloader
Open Downloader 1.0
Sadaf Downloader recommended usage: To use without malicious Intent such as playing a prank on a
friend by downloading a file onto the PC to perform an act of good faith that you have the legal right to do so.

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