DDoS & DoS Hack Tools Pack v1.0

In terms of "DDoS" & "DoS" attacks, whilst the objective Is somewhat similar, the actual process to achieve the result Is different. In simple terms, DDoS (known as Distributed Denial of Service) attack, Is basically flooding the target computer or network by harnessing the bandwidth of quite a few computer systems and their Internet connection to take the target machine offline. On the other hand, a DoS attack generally derives from a single computer by using It's Internet connection to flood the target, thus achieve a similar result. If you want to test your Internet connection or a friends just to see how much It can withstand against real-life attacks (thereby fend off future attacks), these tools will fulfill your needs.

This DDoS Hack Tools Pack Includes the following tools:

Ddvniek's Hacker Toolbox
HC Doser
HostBooter 5.5
Infamous Stresser
IP Grabber & DDoSer Pack
Jays Booter
Slayer DDoS 2.0
Sput & Pega IP DDoSer
TeV Do S
UDP Unicorn
Unknown DoSer
360 Booter & XBL Booter
Anonymous DoSer
BuffMods DDoS 2.0
Dark Magic Flooder
Desktop Booter
Destroy DoS
DevModding DDoS 3.0
Exploit Attacker 1.1
HTTP USP Flooder
Pro DoS
Shockwave Booter
FKN UDP Flooder
WicKds Booter 3.1

Hack.tools recommended usage: To test how much traffic a computer system, network or any given
entity can withstand that you have the legal right to do so.

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