Crypters Hack Tools Pack v2.0

This, the second version of the Crypter hack tools pack, contains a few more tools than It's previous release. All tools contained In this pack are standalone, meaning there's no Installation required to use them, hence no changes are made to your PC as a result of their usage. Simply execute the given tool and you're good to go. To reiterate exactly what a crypter Is, It's simply a tool that scrambles the contents of an executable file (when used on the Windows platform), thereby allowing the file to circumvent the antivirus software Installed. If the file Is crypted In an FUD (Fully Undetectable) manner, the chances of It bypassing the security of an antivirus product Is extremely high, If not a certainty. These tools can be used to test the security of antivirus products.

This Crypters hack tools pack contains the following tools:

AverCryptor 1.02
Carb0n Crypter 1.7
Crypter m0d
Cryptic 1.5
Cryptonite Crypter 1.2
Darkwar Crypter
Hackhound Crypter
Xpro Crypter recommended usage: To crypt a software application, tool, program or anything that
runs In a functional state In any environment you wish that you have the legal right to do so.

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