Crypters Hack Tools Pack v1.0

This Is the first version of a few crypter hack packs to follow. For those who are unaware of what a crypter Is and what It's used for, basically It scrambles (obfuscates) a file such as a virus or malware, with the Intention to circumvent and bypass antivirus software. If the file Is crypted In an 'FUD' (Fully Undetectable) state, then It significantly Increases It's chances to get past most, If not all, antivirus software- even If they're updated with the latest virus signature definitions. If you wish to run a tool for personal reasons that your work or school's antivirus detects, you can crypt It, hence bypass detection. Whilst these crypters are not FUD, they're certainly functional and serve their purpose well for anyone wishing to make them fully undetectable.

This crypters pack Includes the following:

2012 Crypter Public
AegisCrypter v1.5
Battleship Crypter
Byte Crypter v3
Byte Crypter v3 (Cracked)
Crypter Blueprint
CrypteX Advanced
Entropy v5u1
Entropy v5u2
F**ck GUI Crypter
Grieve Crypter
Heavens Crypter
Hidden Sight Crypter
L3g!T Public Crypter recommended usage: To crypt a software application, tool, program or anything that
runs In a functional state In any environment you wish that you have the legal right to do so.

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