Cracking Hack Tools Pack

Although these tools are not directly classed as 'hack tools', they're still used In that capacity and are somewhat categorized as such by many users In the hacking scene. This Cracking hack tools pack contains a variety of tools that can be used In both online and offline mode. For example, there are password crackers that can perform bruteforce attacks, and also other forms such as dictionary attack or the option to enter your own combo list In the form of username:password, or In the format of email address:password for cracking online accounts. Where a given tools permits, you can also connect to a proxy, use the FTP protocol, set the port number to connect to, set timeout periods and a lot more. These tools will come In handy for anyone who's lost or forgotten their password on their account.

This Cracking hack tools pack contains the following tools:

Bruter Password Cracker
Brutus Password Cracker
RDP Cracker
Web Cracker 2.0
Web Cracker 4.0
XXX Password Finder 2.0
Yahoo Ultra Cracker recommended usage: To retrieve a lost and/or forgotten password of an account that you
have the legal right to do so.

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