Bot Online hack Tools Pack

Those who are not familiar with the term 'bot' or have not come across It before, In simple terms, a bot (short for 'robot') Is a tool that's primarily designed to perform automated tasks In a repetitive nature without any human Intervention. Bots come In many different forms and their overall functionality depends on what It's designed to do. For example, Google has bots (which are also known as 'spiders') that crawl websites and webpages and adds them to their Index. There are also bots that collect email addresses and then send unwanted and unsolicited messages to every email address on It's list. These are known as 'spambots' and can send hundreds of messages at a very quick rate. This Bot online hack tools pack contains many bots all different to each other.

This Bot online hack tools pack contains the following tools:

Adfly Bot
Andromeda 2.06
Instagram Bots
Jack The Ripper Bot Killer
Omegle Bot
Pastebin Poster
Snow's YouTube Bot 2.0
Spam Bot 2.0
YouTube Booster Pro 2.1 recommended usage: To joke around with family, friends or any given entity
that you have the legal right to do so.

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