Bruteforce Hack Tools Pack

When you hear the term 'Bruteforce' or 'Bruteforce attack', this generally refers to methodologies used to crack or decode data (such as passwords) using every possible combination as per the presets defined In the tool Itself. For example, If you're trying to obtain the login credential In the form of a password on a given PC (due to losing or forgetting It), you can use a Bruteforce attack tool. The tool will attempt to guess the password by using It's predefined algorithms, thus trying every possible combination as per the tool's capability. Be aware that the longer the password and the more complex It Is, the less likely hood of a successful outcome anytime soon. These tools will come to good use If you've forgotten your login password and attempt to reclaim It.

This Bruteforce hack tools pack contains the following tools:

Blackhat Team Bruteforcer 1.0
BruteSteam 2.3
Cam4 Cracker
CForce 1.00
Cracking Forum Multicracker 1.0
Decaptcher Cracker
Deposit Files Cracker
Easy Share Cracker
FileDen Cracker
Frozen Freeze 1.27
Hero (Cracked)
Hotmail-MSN Cracker
OCX Registrator (Register OCX Files)
Proxyfire 1.23 recommended usage: To obtain a lost or forgotten password on a device, account or any
entity that you have the legal right to do so.

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